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March 23, 2020 3 min read

Blonde Blog review GlowDry Australia

Hi Lovelies,

Today’s blog is all about GlowDry. What is GlowDry you ask? Let me tell you!

GlowDry is a powder that sets your fake tan. How simple, yet amazing? I came across GlowDry a couple of months ago and was so intrigued by this product. Funnily enough the beautiful Fi reached out to me and asked if I would review her product! Hell Yeah!


When I buy skincare or beauty products I try to keep as natural as possible when it comes to ingredients. This being because I have sensitive skin and can break out fairly easily. So, when I received GlowDry I was expecting it to have a few funky ingredients such as Talc or pore clogging ingredients. NO!

GlowDry has a beautiful little list of ingredients:

- Organic Starch


- Organic West Australian Cla


- Natural Mica Mineral


- Fragrance. Fragrance isn’t always great for sensitive skin, but each person will vary. I have sensitive skin and my skin didn’t flare up or feel irritated. Plus, the smell was really nice and was not overdone. I loved it!

No Nasties

No Talc! No Titanium Dioxide! Paraben Free! Nut Free! And quote “Drama Free”. Amazing!

So straight away you know you can use this product without having any skin problems or coming out in a rash!

GlowDry is also Vegan friendly and Cruelty Free, win win!

The Product

The powder comes in a nicely sized tub with an application brush. The brush was beautiful and soft. It didn’t feel cheap and it doesn’t shed like some brushes I’ve had in the past.

Oh, and it’s huge, so great for face and body application!

The container is leak proof and isn’t flimsy. So, you could take this product with you while you travel, or if you need to take it somewhere with you it’s not going to explode or come loose. (Nothing worse)

The Application

The application is easy and super time effective. Once applying your fake tan or gradual tan just simply dust the powder on and YOU ARE DONE. I like to apply it all over especially in the areas that I sweat more, like underarms or at the back of the knee’s (for when you’re sitting down). I am also trying out the new Loving Tan face tan, so I like to use the leftover powder to dust my face after I apply the face tan. During the day I seem to get a sweaty face, especially at work but when I tried out the GlowDry on my face my fresh tan didn’t budge and my face didn’t get icky! I’m super happy about.


- Dry’s your tan instantly

- You can put your clothes on straight after tanning (no transfer or smudging of tan)

- Your sheets will stay spotless, again the tan will not transfer

- Eliminates tanning odour! Because I sweat lots my tan always smells gross but GlowDry helps to completely mask that problem.

- Has a nice fresh smell

- Easy application

- Time efficient

- You get a yummy lolly in the package ;)


- The only con is the fragrance. Although it’s not a con for myself I know some are cautious and picky about fragrance, so really this isn’t a con but more so something to just be aware of if you don’t like fragrance. Other than that, I really can’t fault this product!

Overall, I’m really loving this product. It just makes tanning quicker and more seamless especially if you are a religious tanner! Plus, you don’t have to sacrifice your bedding or clothing. For my equestrian babes this would be a life saver if you tan before shows and or travel for showing. You can do your tan and dust on your GlowDry and pretty much go straight to the ring without wrecking those white breeches! I love that this product covers everyone in every situation.

I have a video up on IGTV unboxing & reviewing the powder. So if you would like to check that out head over to Instagram @the_blonde_blog_ and have a little watch!

You can check out GlowDry Australia on Instagram @glowdry_australia or over on the website www.glowdryaustralia.com.au


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