Tips for your perfect WEDDING Glow

November 03, 2019 4 min read

Tips for your perfect WEDDING Glow


Your wedding day is without doubt one of the most special day of your life whether your one of those babes who planned it since you were 9 while at a sleepover with your besties or your more of a go with the flow ‘ill plan in 5 months out’ kinda babe. Achieving the perfect wedding glow against your beaming white dress can set off panic stations for many. It takes just one oompa loopma bride story to make you think the au natural option is the only one for you.



Fear not babes;  fake tanning for your big day doesn’t have to a big stress like all of the other stressful wedding related things you have going one.



Here’s a couple of tips for fake tanning for your wedding day (from a spray tan artist who has sprayed many o brides):


  • Firstly there is the age old debate of Self tanner v Spray Tan and personally I think a spray tan wins hands down – you need to put your best foot, I mean your best glow forward and to do that you need to leave this to the experts. Your trusting self tanner you use for your nights out may not be the uber dark colour you want to achieve.


  • If you settle for a spray tan its best to search for a local salon / local spray tan lady a few months out and my personal tip – try stick to the same spray tan artist / beauty therapist each time -this way you know that her technique is perfect and then its just a matter of working through the different brands of tans to find the right one for you.


  • Most salons /techs will examine your skin type to work out a colour that works well for your, whether your pale and freckly or a little more sallow and olive under toned.


  • My best advise I could give any bride is that ‘you wanna look like you on the day’. Your not going out clubbing, it’s a day event and babe your gonna be looking back on these photos for many many years to come, so the best reflection of yourself is key! We don’t want to look back and regret that we went too dark and now your make is too dark and you regret even tanning in the first place!


  • In saying the above Its advisable to start with a light to medium colour and leave it on to develop for the recommended amount of time to achieve a light to medium tan, this way you’ll be you and it won’t look over the top. GlowDry can help here so when your marinating in your tan you won’t feel gross wet and sticky.


  • I recommend once you’ve rinsed your tan off see how it suits your skin and watch how it looks a day, 2 days and 3 days post spray tan. This will let you know how it will possibly look on the day as you will more than likely go for the spray tan 2-3 days before the wedding, never really the day before.


  • Now it’s a matter of working through the different tans or maybe your happy even with the first one. In fairness spray tanning solutions have come a long way, there are so many bases to choose from and the likelihood of actually being a tad orange tinged is pretty slim, (thankfully says you!)


  • Yay so you have found your tan, your spray tan lady and you know exactly how long to leave it on for and yes you will set that alarm for when to wash it off lol.


  • Now all you gotta do is book in that spray tan with your lady, always choose 2-3 days before the date based on your trials (look back at step 6). Now you can kick back and chill or get on with the rest of your to do list




 PRO TIP! Or for those who are scared about being orange or a little too dark on their wedding day: Hold you dress up next to you in day light and take a snap – That’s pretty much how your tan will look during the day of your wedding – I find this is good if you want to work out whether day 2 or day 3 tan works better for you!


ANOTHER PRO TIP: IF you tan the night before your wedding you may have only rinsed once and had one normal shower – therefore some bronzer could still be on your skin which means that this is a higher chanced of it rubbing off onto your very expensive white dress. So best to go a few days in advance and have a few ‘normal’ showers.


Using GlowDry on your big day!

Bring GlowDry along with you when having each your trial tans – It will ensure your dry off nice and quickly and wont leave your appointment feeling wet and sticky. As the powder acts like a setting powder, your car seats will be protected and you can leave the seat belt in place rather than moving it under your arm – which is actually against the law.


If you tanning with you bridemaids they can use it too, you can share the brush if your all comfortable with that.


On the day: You can apply some GlowDry over your whole body before you get into your dress, this will help protect against any extra tan that might pass onto your dress should you sweat with the stress of the day. It will make dry cleaning your dress a little easier.


Also GlowDry can be great on your arm pits too to absorb any of the extra nervous sweating that might just happen and can help prevent transfer too.


So there is my pro tips for fake tanning like a pro for your big day! My main advise: get the spray tan and go light and don’t forget to bring along your GlowDry or better still go to a salon / spray tan tech that uses GlowDry.


Thanks for reading!

I hope you have enjoyed my tips


Fi x

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