Why you NEED to use a tanning mitt 👋🏽

July 20, 2021 2 min read

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A flawless glow is what we are all after right? Yes absolutely, we get it! While Self tanning can be a messy process, it certainly doesn’t have to be - having the essential tools like a self tanning mitt can ensure a great smooth application with no hard evidence of ‘tanned hands’.

Let take a deep dive into WHY you should use a self tanning mitt and how best to use it with your favourite self tanner.

Our new GlowMitt; luxe self tanning mitt is used to ensure that you get the most flawless application each time you apply tan. Whether your applying a face tan, topping up your tan or like us in winter are just tanning from the tattas up! Yes we do that, do you?

Our GlowMitt is here to lend a hand (no pun intended). You’ll get the best outcome possible thanks to the smooth, even finish and streak free colour that will develop on your skin thanks to our mitt.

Besides a streak free glow, GlowMittis a clean way to put on self tan so you don’t have to worry about your hands getting all messy from mousses. GlowMitt will help you achieve a tan with none of the mess. and no orange hands here!

We cannot write this without saying how cute our mitt is, its not black and boring, it’s a very aesthetically pleasing shade of pink with a ‘love your body’ quoted across it. We want to remind our babes that each time you tan, to love your body for all that it allows your to experience, achieve and enjoy in your life*, we are all about body acceptance here at GlowDry Australia.

GlowMittis extremely soft, made with very soft velvety fibres and makes smoothing tan over those limbs nice and easy ensuring no streaks. Our thumb grip makes it even easier to do so ensuring a good grip at all times, not to mention it is double sided, perfect for use on both the left and right hand…YES!

To wrap yourself in the benefits of using our self tanning mitt  follow these simple steps:

  1. Place hand into the mitt. 
  2. Pump self tanner onto the mitt. 
  3. Work self tanner into the skin in circular motions, blending evenly. Work all over the body until your self tanner is applied in all the areas you want (tattas and all)

Finish with a dusting of GlowDryfake tan setting powder for a comfortable stick free finish until your tan is ready to be rinsed.

Self-tanning is transformative for the mind and body. It's an instant mood booster that leaves you GLOWing from the inside out.
We say NO to body shaming and YES to body praising. Bring some self-love to yourself every time you self tan.

Remember this:
You are wonderful.
You are beautiful.
You are so much more than you know.


Give and Glow - *We are donating $1 from each mitt purchased to the Butterfly Foundation supporting both men and women in Australia with eating disorders and body image issues.

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