Your Go-To Fake Tanning Solutions for Sensitive Skin!

December 31, 2020 3 min read

Your Go-To Fake Tanning Solutions for Sensitive Skin!

For all of my fellow sensitive skin babes, you’ll know how hard it is to find skincare products, let alone fake tanning products that don’t cause you some form of irritation. 

Knowing what ingredients to look out for in your self tanning products can be a bit of a challenge. But never fear, GlowDry is here to help ease your mind and soothe your skin with these top suggestions for every step of your fake tanning routine this summer! 

  • GlowDry’s GlowBomb Fake Tan Removing Bath Bomb 
  • We all know that achieving the perfect base is key; especially for my sensitive skin babes, the last thing you want to do is scrub away at that delicate skin, causing it to feel red and raw (ouch!). 

    GlowBomb - glowbomb glowdry australia bath bomb tan remover

    The GlowBomb is perfect for removing that old, patchy fake tan with its magic fake tan erasing ingredients ofBicarbandLemon - no scrubbing needed whatsoever (say goodbye irritation, hello glowing skin). 

    Not only does the hero ingredientAustralian Pink Clay detoxify, cleanse and clear congested skin, but the skin loving ingredients ofKakadu Plum, Grapeseed, Jojoba andAvocado Oil all assist in replenishing any lost moisture back into the skin. Sounds too good to be true right? You just wait, it gets better! 

    For all of myeczema andpsoriasis prone babes, this next ingredient is for you…Epsom Salt! Epsom Salt is renowned for its inflammation relieving properties and works wonders for soothing and calming eczema and psoriasis once followed up with a restorative moisturiser. 

    A bath bomb that relieves irritated skin, hydrates and melts away fake tan… Well I’ll be damned!


  •  Australian Glow’s Self Tanning Mousse 

    For the babes that love a deep tan, you can’t go past Australian Glow’s Self Tanning Mousse. 

    Formulated without parabens or toxins known to clog and irritate the pores, this Self Tanning Mousse is enriched with organic ingredients such asKakadu Plum rich inVitamin C &Vitamin Eto help retain your skin’s moisture. 


    For sensitive skin (even those with acne) the last thing you want to do is overly dry out your skin. Often the leading cause of sensitivity is a lack of hydration and moisture. With thehealing powers of Vitamin C and Vitamin E, we can safely call this ingredient a winner!


  • Australian Glow’s Gradual Tanner 

    Whilst a gradual tanner may not provide you with that instant, bronzed goddess look, it is the perfect solution for those withultra sensitive skin as gradual tanners typically contain less DHA than your regular tanning mousse or spray tan formulation. Gradual tanners are further enriched with hydrating ingredients much like a moisturiser and therefore, lessens the likelihood of irritation. 

    fake tan gradual tanner sensitive skin glowdry australia blog post information fake tan tan tan sensitive skin blog

    This particular gradual tanner is infused with certifiedOrganic Hemp, known for its ultra hydrating properties, perfect for those with easily irritated,eczema andpsoriasisprone skin. 

  • GlowDry’s Fake Tan Drying Powder 

    Whilst we’ve worked out the best way to get the perfect glow free of irritants, how do we lock that tan in place to avoid you having to reapply to those sensitive hotspots and areas where tan just doesn’t want to stick? Well, we’ve got you covered here too!

    glowdry fake tan drying powder sensitive skin fake tan tan spray tan setting powder clay australian made australia powder pot bondi sands loving tan

    With only 4 ingredients, eliminating the need for harmful talc, this bad boy will be your new fake tanning lifesaver allowing you to set that sticky fake tan, avoid itchy, irritated and tight feeling skin. The GlowDry Fake Tan Drying Powder is not only completelyfree of talc (often containing carcinogens), but isparaben and nut free - basically, completely drama free! 


    Whilst the GlowDry Fake Tan Drying Powdermattifies the skin, it doesn’t leave that tight, dry feeling like you’d get from a face setting powder or talcum powder. But “why is that?”, I hear you ask… Well, that’s because most setting powders and talcum powder utilise the harsh ingredient talc, which is known to be harmful to broken and sensitive skin due to its likelihood of causing inflammation. 


    With these sensitive skin solutions for every type of tanner, we hope you’ll find your perfect match to get your glow on without any irritation this summer! 


    If you find these sensitive skin fake tanning solutions helpful, be sure to tag us and let us know on our Instagram@glowdry_australia


    Written by Sarah Hollingworth 

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