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June 24, 2021 4 min read

So you want that flawless glow right? Yes we get it, the point of a fake tan is make it look as real as possible. We're talking - no streaks AT ALL, perfectly blended across the neckline and no darkish brown build up across those trickier spots like the knees, ankles or elbows. So whether you’ve nowhere to go or your bursting out of quarantine or just simply wanna glow on those zoom calls we’ve got some awesome tips for YOUR most flawless fake tan yet! We’re talking all things prep, application and setting and drying, so read on take notes and lets get you glowing! 


It’s all in the prep and all we gotta say is EXFOLIATE EXFOLIATE EXFOLIATE! Oh, and do this always, like every time you fake tan. Good prep is totally non-negotiable for a flawless tan (not to mention for your tan to last longer and have a nice even fade). Exfoliating ensures that you remove all traces of dead skin cells and any of the dreaded patchy tan build up. We need that clean, smooth, baby soft skin for the best tan application.

DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) is the chemical agent in self tanner that turns your skin brown and this will cling to dead skin cells if they are not removed and can cause even more patchiness and dark sections that we DO NOT WANT. Give yourself a thorough sloughing with our GlowOFF exfoliating mitt, get rid of all those dead skin cells, stimulate blood flow and ultimately create the perfect base for your next fake tan application. Be sure to pay extra attention to the knees elbows and other dry skin danger zones.

While we are talking exfoliation, let get more technical on tan removers. There are 2 kinds of exfoliating tan removers, chemical and physical.

Chemical exfoliators are basically acids that get rid of dead skin cells. The acid breaks down the bonds of the dead skin cells, stripping away any tiger bread like tan, revealing regenerated skin.. ohhh HELLO! For a quick 10 minute (chemical) tan removal in the tub we recommend GlowBomb – our revolutionary fake tan removing bath bomb that you have to try. It’s a fantastic blend of Aussie botanicals, oils and not to mention that active chemical citric acid and bi card soda to soften the skin, melt away that old tan and moisturise and hydrate the skin.

Physical exfoliants generally contain something rough or grainy and involves a bit of rubbing or scrubbing to buff the skin and hey we got one of these for you too.. Our heavy weight Flake Away Tan Remover Body Scrub a mix of both chemical and physical exfoliation – combining lemon peel oil, bicarb along with pink and white Aussie salt to gently and thoroughly exfoliate. This tan remover scrub also soothes and heals the skin with Kangaroo Paw and Vitamin E, with a burst of natural oils to nourish and moisturise the skin.

With regular use of both tan removers skin can feel smoother, looks toned, pores unclogged and signs of ageing less apparent and flawless skin for a flawless tan application…we want this!



Tanning mitts are lifesavers, firstly they make self tan application an absolute breeze and secondly your hands are protected for any unwanted stains. Compared to your hand, a mitt has a much larger surface area which speeds up the application process and we are all about a quick tan application, are you? Using a mitt can also help you reach your back better in case your best gal pal is unavailable.

Our GlowMitt luxe self tan mitt is designed with a non slip thumb grip and is also has a water resistant liner to again protect you from the orange hands situation. And did we mention its super soft, made with luxe velvet for the smoothest most flawless tan application. We are donating 1 dollar from each mitt sold to the Butterfly Foundation who support both men and women in Australia with eating disorders and body image issues.  Our GlowMitt like many are so easy to use, place your hand in the mitt, pump on your self tan and work the self tanner onto your skin in circular motions blending evening across the body.



This tip may be new to you. But this is THE ultimate tip so we left this goody for last last. Waiting for your tan dry can be a drag, I know we hate it too. If you despise it ass much as we do, try GlowDry a fake tan drying powder.

It’s a multi tasking 5-in-1 post fake tanning treatment. It sets your tan onto the skin ensuring THE most flawless result. This especially works great where skin touches, for example under the boobs or along the bum line. If those areas are sweaty or if the skin touches fake tan won't develop well enough resulting in patches that we DO NOT WANT. But if you set it with GlowDry your saved!!!! WE also don’t want streaks and GlowDrywill prevent this too by ensuring that your tan stays on your skin and doesn’t go anywhere else.

This powder also dries your tan super fast so you don’t need to wait in front of a fan or use your hairdresser in the colder months. When your tan is dry its also not sticky so using GlowDryallows you to get dressed go about your day, bet you didn’t know that was possible after applying tan.

If you hate tan on your fave clothes and sheets then GlowDry has you covered again, the powder acts like a barrier between your freshly tanned skin and clothes so it wont budge, so less washing too!!!!! Lol

Its very easy to apply this powder, Just apply your favourite self tanner, brush and blend GlowDry on top with the application brush provided and voila! Your done!

how to glowdry

Shower off the powder and tan guide colour when its developed… and voila..A flawless tan, nice and quick, ALL THE TIME!!!


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