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What is GlowDry™?

Good questions babes. Put simply GlowDry™ is a powder that is applied to the body after fake tanning that:

  • GlowDry dries your fake tan – so you don’t feel damp. Get fully dressed and walk the dog, catch up with a friend for coffee just steer clear of dog lick or baby drool!
  • GlowDry can mask any fake tan ‘developing’ odours with a sexy beach babe fragrance!
  • GlowDry leaves the skin soft and silky and reduces the sticky tacky post fake tanning feeling. GlowDry contains natural mica minerals that leave a beautiful illuminised glow to the skin.

    How do I apply GlowDry™?

    GlowDry is best applied with our big soft dense fluffy powder brush that is why it is included in the Starter Kit!

    Our body brush is:

    • Super big so it will make applying the powder to the whole body super easy and half the time compared with a smaller kabuki or smaller powder brush.
    • Super soft so it won’t leave any marks on your already evenly applied fake tan.
    • Super dense so it will pick up heaps of powder to cover a large surface area of skin
    • Super fluffy so it helps the powder glide onto the skin and helps with blending the powder out!

    Simply – Dip the brush into the powder jar, tap the brush on the edge of the jar to remove any excess powder, blend onto the skin starting at the top of the body working down and voila!

    Where should I apply GlowDry™?

    Well babe, you can go wild and apply it to the whole body (for you self tanning babes, who ever tanned your back, get them to stick around and powder it up while they're at it!) or you can just apply it to the typically damp, sticky areas such as:

    • On the neck creases
    • Decolletage
    • Under boobs
    • Under armpits
    • Inside elbows
    • Lower back
    • Side rolls
    • Inner thighs
    • Under bum
    • Behinds the knees

    How do I store GlowDry™?

    Its pretty simple Babe! Just make sure you close the lid tightly after each use to ensure it, itself stays dry! (no pun intended)

    How many application should I get form the GlowDry™ Starter Kit?

    Our powder pot contains 60g of THE finest, loveliest powder. Depending if you like to GlowDry the whole body or just the sticky parts, you should get 15-20 full body applications per pot! 

    Does GlowDry™ contain natural ingredients?

    We like to keep it really simple and natural. GlowDry is made of all natural and organic ingredients that are lightly scented with a fragrance. 

    GlowDry is:

    • NUT FREE

    Where is GlowDry™ made?

    GlowDry is loving made in sunny Perth, Western Australia, using both local and internationally sourced ingredients.

    Is GlowDry™ tested on animals?

    We love our furry friends, we only test it on you babes! All of GlowDry’s raw ingredients are also cruelty free and vegan.

    Is GlowDry™ vegan?

    Yes, GlowDry is proudly vegan friendly.

    Can I use GlowDry™ whilst pregnant?

    As much as we love our product and you mamas to be will too, we do recommend to consult your doctor before using GlowDry. However, after your little babe is born, a fake tan is the perfect pick me up and GlowDry is the perfect finish to ensure you ‘marinate in comfort’.

    I have sensitive skin, can I use GlowDry™?

    We would suggest patch testing GlowDry 48 hours before use on your body. If irritation occurs discontinue use!

    I am a professional salon owner and I want to know more about GlowDry™!

    Yesssss! We've been waiting for you! Just kidding!

    Thank you for your interest and please drop us an e-mail anytime here

    I'm Media and I'd love to know more about GlowDry™!

    Oh hey there! Yes of course, we would love to tell you more!

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