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Our Story

Hey Babes,

I’m Fi, self confessed fake tanning obsessive, fave pastime; talking about fake tanning to anyone that will listen!

No seriously I got it bad, I have the typical pale skin with lots of freckles and while I have come to embrace it, I do love a good subtle sun kissed glow. My skin has never taken a tan naturally and this became more real when I moved to sunny Australia almost 8 years ago. I would lay in the sun and get burned and go back whiter again. I was damaging my skin with harmful UV rays! So I quit chasing the sun and chased the sun in bottle form.

I started my spray tanning business after falling pregnant, I craved a side hustle and still to this day I love every second I’m spraying my #glowbabes! They say find your passion and it will never feel like work, well I have truly found mine! Watching that luscious brown liquid going onto the skin gives me LIFE!

But one of the problems my clients and I always experienced was that wet, sticky feeling with the fake tan pong thats not cool. It made the marinating process uncomfortable and I often often found myself star fished on the couch waiting for the tan to develop and unable to do much as a mum. I wanted to improve the fake tanning experience for not only me but for my clients. I needed something to dry my tan, mask the fake tan smell and allow me to get dressed and more importantly look after my little boy and get stuff done! 

Trained to use talc but wasn’t over fond of it, I then moved to baby powder and thought that there has to be something better available in Australia designed specifically for fake tanning and humid conditions and busy babes! After a lot of research and trials with many different ingredients and formulations, GlowDry™️Australia was born! As I say, my second baby.

GlowDry is an illuminised drying powder for sunless tanning, formulated specially with you self tanning and spray tanning babes in mind. Inspired by our Australian beaches, our picturesque sunshine and our beautiful beach babes, GlowDry contains natural and organic highly absorbing powders, a boat load of shimmering minerals with fresh fragrance. We even use a clay Ingredient sourced directly from Western Australia! Have a look at the starter kit here.

I believe in simple honest sustainable ingredients sourced locally where possible. GlowDry Australia is talc free, cruelty free, vegan friendly, titanium dioxide free, paraben free, filler free and always will be! It’s what I live by! 

I am so proud of what I have created, this Australian first, I’m beyond excited to share this with you fake tanning babes worldwide! 

I hope you enjoy my online store and please ask any questions, give me feedback, all suggestions are welcome. I made this for you as much as I made it for me! 

Above all, I want you to enjoy the fake tanning experience again, GlowDry Australia is changing the fake tanning game - don’t be held back by your fake tan!

Glow, Dry, Go! 

I've got a feeling you'll love it! 💋