Our Story

Fiona Dunne GlowDry Australia Founder Owner CEO Fiona O Beirne


I’m Fi, self confessed fake tanning obsessive, favourite pastime; talking about fake tanning to anyone that will listen!

I have the typical pale skin with too many freckles to count and while I have come to embrace it, I do love the confidence a good subtle sun kissed glow can give. My skin has never taken a tan naturally and this became more real when I moved to sunny Australia almost 8 years ago. I would lay in the sun and get so burned, I was damaging my skin with harmful UV rays! So I quit chasing the sun and chased the sun in bottle form...like weekly!.

My passion for fake tanning lead me to set up my own spray tanning business after falling pregnant. One PROBLEM I always seen for myself and clients alike;

- The horrible wet stick feeling

- The star fishing on the bed in discomfort waiting for your tan to dry

- The fake tan going EVERYWHERE, on sheets, on clothes and even on my son

- The fake tan smell that just no cool!

I needed something to dry my tan, mask the fake tan smell and allow me to get dressed and more importantly look after my little boy and get stuff done! 

So I set out to create a SOLUTION. With many sleepless nights, countless call and emails, GlowDry was launched on October 2018 from my kitchen bench. Inspired by our Australian beaches, our picturesque sunshine and our beautiful beach babes, GlowDry contains natural and organic highly absorbing powders, a boat load of shimmering minerals with fresh fragrance. I even use a clay Ingredient sourced directly from Western Australia! I believe in simple honest sustainable ingredients sourced locally where possible. GlowDry Australia is talc free, cruelty free, vegan friendly, paraben free, filler free and always will be! It’s what I live by! 

I am so proud of what I have created, this Australian first, I’m beyond excited to share this with you! I created this for you aswel as me! 

Glow, Dry, Go! 

I've got a feeling they will love it! 💋