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October 11, 2021 3 min read

GlowDry, our OG Fake Tan Drying Powder has been selected as a finalist in the Clean and Conscious Awards. These awards aim to celebrate exceptional products that work in perfect harmony with our bodies, our environment and our society.

Clean and Conscious Awards


GlowDry contains only non-toxic ingredients, is manufactured fairly using ethically sourced ingredients and materials and is sustainably produced ensuring long tern environmental quality for future generations. 

At GlowDry we are passionate about creating the very best products for your skin and tan care, while still being conscious of our glowing globe. We champion that sunless tanning is a form of skincare; protection from the sun, protection from pre-mature ageing and choosing the right tan and accessories with skin loving ingredients. Inspired by Australia our beautiful birthplace we are always committed to make a positive impact, considering every action we take to ensure our GLOWING slice of the earth survives and thrives.

Heres 4 ways GlowDry, as a sustainably minded ,female led business is thoughtful at every step:

  1. Ingredients

We work with the most ethical and environmentally aware suppliers who provide us with the most cleanest, highest of quality and sustainably sourced raw ingredients. We ONLY ever choose ingredients that are functional and always free from sulfates, parabens, petroleum, mineral oils and other common nasties such as talc (found previously to contain asbestos).

GlowDry contains both natural and organic Starch and Australian Bentonite clay sourced directly from Aussie soil.

We minimuse the use of synthetics where possible, however our fragrance is synthetic and used minimally. We choose a synthetic fragrance as most essential oils can be a little irritating to the skin and in fact are a little less sustainable then a natural fragrance.

  1. Packaging

We chose a PET plastic lid and pot for your ease of recycling to place our GlowDry powder in. Just remove the wadded insert on the lid (this helps maintain freshness by creating a strong seal) before recycling. While continuing to take a holistic approach to packaging, we are proudly pioneering the way froward in the tanning industry by providing a refill pouch for ease of refilling. We now have two size refills for you to choose from and now you can glow in glory knowing your saving over 80% less plastic each time you refill. Our pretty pouches can be recycled in most Local Government recycling bins. Our Starter Kitcomes to you in reusable travel pouch, no disused cardboard here, it’s easy to keep your kit together, take with you to your spray tan appointment or on the go while you travel!. 

  1. Manufacturing

Did you know that GlowDry is made locally here in Perth, Western Australia? Yes, our contract manufacturer is Perth based so we can keep a close eye on everything. They produce our starter kits and refills in their ISO approved facility ensuring the highest quality for you bronze loving babes. We aim to minimise our carbon footprint by any means and prefer to move our products via sea rather than air. GlowDry fake tan drying powder is powder based and does not consume any water for its production, furthermore helping us reduce our ecological footprint.

  1. Shipping

Got an order from us before? You’ll notice it’s in a cardboard box, no plastic sachets here or bubble wrap bags. We only use cardboard and each box is fully recyclable. While we want you to have the most glowing unboxing experience, we have removed any unnecessary packaging, we don’t use bubble wrap and only use acid free  tissue paper and a small recycable thank you note. For larger order to our wholesalers, we reuse cardboard boxes from raw packaging and materials where possible.



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