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Drying powder is to fake tans as top coats are to nail polish; not completely necessary, but the end result looks and feels a whole lot better with it than without it. And that’s why I find it necessary for fake-tan lovers to get hip to setting powders. If you’ve ever gotten an airbrush tan from a well-educated spray tan artist, then they probably used a setting powder on you. But using a powder doesn’t have to be an exclusive salon-only service, you can also add it into your self tanning regimen at home to ensure an evenly-developed tan that doesn’t transfer on to your clothes or sheets.

For the newbies wondering how to perfect their glow by using a setting powder, I’ve enlisted the help of Fiona Dunne, founder of GlowDry Australia (@GlowDry_Australia), one of the first powders introduced to the fake tanning market. Fiona gave a breakdown of the advantages of using a powder, how to apply, and what powders are typically made of, so you can rest easy knowing your tan will look even more flawless than before.

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GlowDry Australia Fake Tan Drying Powder, $20

Different Types & Ingredients

First thing is first, setting powders can come in two different delivery methods: There is the powder that comes in a bottle that can be sprayed on and there’s the loose powder that comes in a jar and is applied using a powder makeup brush. GlowDry in particular is made up of organic Australian Bentonite Clay to absorb and deliver a fresh, beachy scent; organic starch to mattify the skin without drying; and natural mica minerals for a rose gold luminous glow finish. As a spray tan artist herself, Fiona developed GlowDry after moving to Perth, Australia and realizing she’d need something to comfortably and effectively set a tan in the humid climate there. “I found local ingredient suppliers and worked on various formulations, I knew exactly what I wanted in there; Aussie-based hero ingredients, the color pay-off, and the smell, so overall this didn't take long,” the founder shared. All of the naturally-derived ingredients are safe yet effective.


So why opt for a drying powder? The real question is “why wouldn’tyou use a drying powder?” For starters, powders absorb moisture so the tan dries faster and you’re free to get dressed and go about your day without messing up the tan. As the name suggests, setting powders also set the tan to lock it in place and prevent it from transferring on to clothes and furniture. Then there’s the added benefits of eliminating stickiness and streaks.

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The GlowDry Dry Powder Bundle, $107


How To Use

When applying loose powder from a jar, Fiona suggests dipping the wide, full GlowDry Body brush into the powder, tapping excess powder into the lid, and then brushing and blending over top of your tan after it is completely applied. According to the founder, the jar and brush application method is great for all over the body, while the powder that comes in a spray bottle is perfect for traveling and also targeting smaller body parts. that need the most attention (AKA the inside of your elbows, your neck, under your boobs, and behind your knees.) After spraying the powder on the desired area, you will also blend it into the skin using a makeup brush.

In addition to being one of the OG powders available at retail, Fiona’s GlowDry powders leave the skin with a subtle, beautiful rose gold finish. So in addition to setting the tan, your skin is glowing while the tan develops. If you’re someone who loves to tan but can’t seem to get get the flawless results you’d prefer, adding GlowDry’s setting powders into your tanning routine will definitely get you there.

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