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November 15, 2018 2 min read

Hey my Bronzed Babes!

We are here with our first blog post entitled: I’ll toast to that’ and no we aint talking about the champayne flute kinda toast.

Were talking actual toast, like placing the white bread in the toaster and …yes you get what I mean…that kind of toast!



Your probably like hey, what’s toast gotta do with fake tanning… well here goes!


I’m sure lots of you babes remember learning about the Maillard reaction in school, this is basically the reaction of sugar with protein causing the browning effect of everything from steak to bread (TOAST)

Well, the ‘sugar’ that is used in all fake tanning products is called DHA - dihydroxyacetone (the miracle molecule as we like to call it) reacts with the dead skin cells (AKA the protein) and after “marinating’ over time produces a browning effect on the skin.... Simiallar to TOAST!

YEEEEEEESSSSSSS to DHA and I will champayne flute toast to that thank you very much! That miracle molecule giving us all life every Thursday #clinkclink 


While we are being all sciencey why not talk about fake tan Drying Powders, a relatively new technology and concept down under. GlowDry was created in abscense of any being available locally and using good quality simple Aussie ingredients – aswell as a strong hatred for wet sticky smelly fake tans in a hot sticky summer with a new baby! lol 👎🏽

A bit more science (because we secrectly love it, Our Founder Fi doesn’t wear those big geeky glasses for nothing!) 

GlowDry™ is a dying powder with specially formulated ingredients that are highly absorbing to eliminate those wet sticky fake tan feels we all hate. NICE!

Our powder is fragranced to give it odour neutralising properties – basically it masks that ‘fake tan smell’ which is the developing process explained above! GENUIS!

Also when you brush our lushious powder onto the skin after fake tanning it acts as a barrier between your clothes and the tan so there is less transfer than without it. But there is no scientific term for this lol! Wait! Tan transfer blocker??! Just kidding we just made that up lol..

GlowDry also acts as a setting powder to prevent creasing marks. It sets you fake tan in place on skin that either occasionally touches (such as inner arms when you move them or the neck if you look down) or skin that continuously touches (such as  under boobs, bums or on skin folds). GlowDry helps it not sweat away especially on the skin folds! The best technique to follow is tan/blend/ dry/tan/blend/dry/GlowDry! #winning

So many benefits to using a drying powder while fake tanning; not to mention it really helps you marinate more comfortably on a hot sticky 30 Degee day here in Aus – and they are upon us babes! So try this new technology now!

Also did I mention I’m eating toast while writing this blog post? Lol

Well if you got this far we really hope you loved our super sciency first blog and you feel you know a lot more about how we get that brown glow with that miracle molecule!

Stayed tuned for our next instalment Babes

GD x

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