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July 19, 2023 3 min read

When it comes to achieving a natural-looking flawless tan, self-tanners have become increasingly popular. Among the latest advancements in self-tanning products, one breakthrough stands out: Rinse Control Technology and we are loving it! This revolutionary innovation has taken the world of self-tanning by storm, ensuring an even, streak-free, fuss-free long-lasting tan. In this blog post, we will explain more about Rinse Control Technology, how it works, and why it's a game-changer for you.

What is Rinse Control Technology?

Rinse Control Technology is a cutting-edge feature integrated into select self-tanning products - our new Self Tanning Mousse GlowBronze uses this very technology. It empowers you with the ability to darken as you desire - customising your bronzed results from the same formula every time you tan.  This technology puts you in control, allowing you to rinse off the product at the ideal time for their desired shade.



How does Rinse Control Technology work?

The key to Rinse Control Technology lies in its formulation and formulation-specific timers. Like GlowBronze, Self-tanning products utilising this technology are designed to have different formula layers with varying depths of color development. Therefore when you apply our GlowBronze self tanning mousse the initial layer starts to develop into a light tan, gradually deepening as time passes.

Heres what we recommend when using our GlowBronze - self tanning mousse:

Lara featured above rinsed in 5 hours for a medium to dark bronzed result.

Once you have chosen your time based result - it's time to stop the development, you then rinse off the self tanner. Our game changing GlowBronze self tanner is express and can be rinsed in 2 hours for a light results. GlowBronze contains the highest quality of DHA (the active that turns your skin brown) that is sustainably ECO-Cert approved. After rinsing the tan off - another tanning active continues to develop over the next 24 hours ensuring a zero orange result that will last approx. 7 days

glowbronze self tan mousse feature in beauty space australia

Benefits of Rinse Control Technology:

  1. Customised Results: Rinse Control Technology empowers you to personalise your tanning experience. Whether you prefer a light, medium, or deep tan, you have the flexibility to determine the right shade for your skin tone by controlling the development time.

  2. Minimised Errors: Uneven application and streaks are common concerns with self-tanners. Rinse Control Technology helps ensure a smooth and streak-free bronzed tan without the fear of overdevelopment or unevenness.

  3. Time Efficiency: With Rinse Control Technology, waiting for hours before rinsing off the product is no longer necessary. Our GlowBronze self tanning mousse can be rinsed in as little as 2 hours, making it ideal the busy self- tanning girlies.

  4. Long-lasting Results: By offering precise control over the development process, Rinse Control Technology contributes to longer-lasting tans. The colour is more evenly distributed and less likely to fade quickly, ensuring your tan remains glowing for an extended period. With GlowBronze's two tanning actives, it makes for an even 7 days long tan that wont dry out the skin!

  5. Suits all skin tones - Rinse control technology allows you to darken as you desire, achieving result based on your skin tone, If your type 1 and fairly fair in complextion, 2 hours would work well for a light bronzed results. If you're  a darker type 4 skin tone you can easily leave the self tan to develop longer for a more darker bronzed results. We love these results below on Esther in 1.5 hours.  



  1. Simplified self tan routine - Rinse control technology takes the guessing and worrying out choosing a light medium or tan tan formula. With these results all in one -  simply by time control - its makes for an easier and more simplified self tanning method, a more cost effective method by only buying one formula and and ultimately takes the stress away. WE ARE LOVING THESE RESULTS:






Rinse Control Technology has revolutionised the self-tanning industry. At GlowDry we are all about innovation and standing out amongst the rest. We just had to bring another game changing product to help with your tan routine.And better yet, GlowBronze self-tan mousse is a re-fillable keep forever product, making it Australia's most sustainable self tanner.



Embrace and customise your shade, darken as you desire and empower yourself to get your best glow yet! 



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