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April 22, 2019 3 min read


Whats YOUR skin type?  

Have you ever actually achieved a natural tan? 

What level of pale are you?... chicken skin veiny blue pale or a creamy alabaster pale? 

All jokes aside (about paleness) there actually is a way to categorise your skin tone and in turn decode the best colour base tan to use. Intrigued yet? 

It all started back in 1975 when Thomas Fitzpatrick in Harvard Medical school developed the Fitzpatrick scale AKA the Fitzpatrick skin type test or the Fitzpatrick Prototype scale.
Fitzpatricks scale basically classifies a persons COMPLEXION / skin tone in relation to their tolerance to sunlight. Type 1 being very sensitive to sun and sunburning quite easily in comparison to Type 5 being minimally sensitive to the sun and tanning with ease.
Image via pinterest
While the scale is provides a reference point for people to use to get a better idea as to how much sun exposure they can handle, Spray Tan Techs worldwide use this chart to access a clients skin before a spray tan. Now you can use it too, the next time your staring at the endless number of self tanners in the store!
I'm pale with bluey veins, HEAPS of freckles, blue eyes and naturally brown hair; definitely a type 1, honestly have never achieved a natural tan..sad face!!. 
Use the chart above to work out your type?
Most of you might know there is mainly GREEN, VIOLET and BROWN base tans available today. Knowing your skin tone and choosing the correct colour will help neutralise your skin tone to give your the best possible natural looking glow, that won't look FAKE. 
Green based: Green is opposite to pink / red on a colour wheel which means it has a neutralising effect on the pinky red tones of the skin. Its the 'pink corrector' and it suits almost all types of skin tones. However if your pale pinky toned typically type 1 / 2 or veins that show a bluish tone than green is your go to!
Violet based: Violet is opposite to yellow on a colour wheel which means it neutralised those with yellowy olive undertones typically your type 4 and 5. A violet based on a type 1 or 2 can look too reddish and should be avoided. 
Chocolate based: A chocolate base colour is perfect for those already brown or olive toned or who brown easily and veins show off more of a green tone typically Type 4, 5 and type 6. A brown base can be used on Type 1 and 2 and this colour base is the most universal all rounder. 
GlowBronze self tanning moussehas an ashy brown based and is the PERFECT colour base for all 6 tones on the scale. Let's see some results to explain.
Below is Tegan - she would be type 2 - Pale and fair and her results are gorgeous
Kim on the other hand is Type 4 - more olive and darker hair in comparison. Kims results are equally glowing with zero orange! YAY 
Here's Esther! She's dark skinned, rarely would burn and deeply pigmented skin and her results using GlowBronze self tanning mousse are gorgeous too!
Not only do these cosmetic colours serve to colour correct skin tone and enhance the overall bronzed result, they act as a guide colour. In the context of self-tanning, the term "guide colour" refers to the initial tint or colour that is present in the product upon application. It serves as a temporary colorant that allows you to see where you have applied the self-tanner on your skin, making it easier to achieve a smooth and even application. Guide colors are typically bronze or brown shades like GlowBronze, mimicking the colour of a natural tan. When you apply the self-tanning product with a guide colour, you can immediately notice any missed spots or areas with uneven coverage, enabling you to correct them before the color develops - which is awesome too!
There you go babes! Tan and Tone decoded, go forth and check the tan you use on the daily and maybe based on the info above its time to buy a new tan?
More info on GlowBronze is here and if your looking for a more sustainable tanning option where you can refill your self tan mousse container - GlowBronze is your new Glow-To. 
I hope you enjoyed this read
Let us know you thoughts!

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