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November 29, 2020 4 min read

GlowDry Powder fake tan drying powder fake tan setting powder


With the silly season and summer right around the corner, it’s finally time to hit the beaches and take in that fresh air without a mask on. Given we’ve all been stuck bunkering down indoors due to ol’ mate Rona this past year, there’s no question that we’re all looking a little ghostly due to all of this extra time spent indoors, especially the poor Melbourne folk. Well, there is a solution to our twilight-esque looking complexions and it’s called tantouring. We've seen this trend go wild on TikTok and @brittanybearmakeup viral video is giving us major vibes.

For those unfamiliar with the concept of ‘tantouring’, the process is pretty simple. It’s much like contouring with your favourite bronzer, however with a bare face and your trustyself-tanner,we love Australian Glow in Medium. But don’t get me wrong, the art of contouring with fake tan requires a little bit of extra preparation and detail in order to get the perfect result. It’s much like you’d expect with applying a good base of pore-minimising primer, a dewy foundation and a silky setting powder to top it all off in preparation for contouring - if you nail your base right from the start, the end result has a far better chance of being flawless as opposed to that muddy contour. Tantouring has no chance of looking good if you haven’t done the right steps in place.

To prepare the face, it's recommended that you cleanse, tone, exfoliate and moisturise the skin after your bath to provide a flawless foundation for your tantouring and prevent those ever-so noticeable streaky faux-tan lines; they’re bad enough on your body, let alone your face! 

Now that we’ve established the easy part, it’s onto the fun part. When tantouring, it’s important to have a fluffy,dense brush that will allow you to feather out the fake tan for a more natural appearance. Think of your typical contouring brush that’s just dense enough to pack on the right intensity of product, without making you look like you’ve just stepped out of an episode of OG Jersey Shore. 

Take it from me, apply your tan on the back of a clean makeup palette first and lightly dab your brush into the foam. Being light handed to start off with will ensure you’re less likely to resemble a cheeto and achieve a natural, bronzed look. The last thing you want is to end up as a ‘fake tan meme’. 

The placement of your tantouring is identical to that of contouring, in that you apply to areas of the face that you want to ‘snatch’ and further define. These being: under the cheekbones, on the outer perimeter of the forehead, directly down the sides of the nose (be careful not to be too heavy handed here) and just under the jawline.   



Whilst it may seem slightly intimidating and worry may overcome you as to whether you’ll be scrubbing your face like crazy to get it off in a day's time, if you follow our steps you’ll have everyone asking whether you’ve just come from the Gold Coast. Get that natural fake tan, sunkissed look without having to bake yourself silly in the sun. No one likes a wrinkled, rotisserie chicken (psst… we’re vegan friendly & cruelty free) so be sure to avoid any nasty skin spots and fake it till you make it instead! 

Now for our special hack to really level up your tantouring game and make sure you don’t look like you’ve shoved your face in mud overnight. For anyone who has fake tanned before, you will know how easy it is for your sunless tan to end up smudged all over your pillowcase, leaving your face looking pretty blotchy and uneven. Well I have some amazing news for you to prevent this ever so common issue… Introducing our very own secret weapon! Much like you would with foundation, after tantouring it is crucial to set your face tanner with none other thanGlowDry Australia’s Fake Tan Drying Powder with our luxuriously softBody Brushand convenient Eco-Refillto keep you tantouring till your heart's content. Both are also available in ourStarter Kit perfect for the tantouring newbie for only$58 including a generous 60g of powder with our brush included.

Pictured above:GlowDry Australia’s Starter Kit 

Not only will this lock in your tantouring, but it will also prevent it from sweating off overnight and transferring onto your sheets and pillowcase. The powder is enriched with only natural ingredients to ensure it’s safe for use on the face and won’t dry out your skin while you marinate. 

If you follow these easy steps to add more dimension to your face, we can guarantee you’ll have the whole beach staring with your new ‘sunkissed goddess’ look. 

We’d love to see your photos if you decide to give our game-changing tantouring hack a go, so be sure to tag us on Instagram@glowdry_australia

Written by: Sara Hollingworth

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