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February 05, 2023 3 min read

All avid fake tanners have been there before: standing naked after applying your tan, waving your limbs around trying to dry and avoid the stickiness before getting dressed so it doesn’t rub off on your clothes — or worse, you don’t smudge while developing. Well, gone are the days of sticky tans that take forever to dry thanks to GlowDry Australia's drying powder.

fkae tan drying powder glowdry best sustainable beauty product global beauty awards 2022

This lightweight, vegan and cruelty free drying powder is applied on top of your self tanner (or spray tan) to protect it while it develops into a flawless, long-lasting, and even glow. The powder act as a shield against sweat and help to prevent your tan from rubbing off on clothes, sheets, and furniture.

See GlowDry in action here:


Here’s how the drying powders work: just like setting powders set makeup; drying powders set a tan. After applying self tanner, grab your GlowDry Powder and either apply liberally to your entire body or use on the areas prone to stickiness like your inner elbows, neck, chest, under boobs, and behind the knees (basically any areas that touch). GlowDry is available in a refillable Starter Kit- consisting of a pot of the loose drying powder with a generously sized Body Brush making application easy and quick - dab the brush into the powder and press onto the skin wherever you choose to apply. If you opt for the GlowDry Powder Spray, spritz on and blend with the GlowDry Body Brush

GlowDry's Glow-Getter Bundle comprises the powder spray, application brush and Mini refill. glowdry fake tan drying powder spray tan shop now mini powder spray

If you’re someone who has ever ended up with an uneven tan as a result of smudging it during the development process, then this setting powder is the solution for you. The six-in-one formula quickly absorbs into the skin to dry the tan and eliminate stickiness and smudging while reducing transfer of the tan from the skin and staining sheets and clothes. After the powder is applied, you are free to get dressed, develop time is more comfortable (YAY!!) and it can just get rinsed off when you rinse off your tan.

GlowDry powder is also infused with a subtle shimmer to add a touch of radiance to the skin as well as lightweight fragrances to mask any fake tan smell. What’s more? GlowDry is vegan friendly, talc-free, cruelty-free, and made with just four all natural ingredients — so you can feel good about using them while also protecting your tan.

Check out GlowDry up close here


GlowDry tan drying powder is available in a range of packaging to cater to your tanning routine needs— from the spray bottle, and loose powders in a jar with brush (Starter Kit), to the eco-friendly refill bags available in 75g and 150g bags. The range of powders are perfect for the weekly self tan user or the professional spray tan artist with a busy schedule. Celebrity Spray Tan Isabel Alysa is known to be fan too. 

Celebrity Spray tanner Kim Kardashian Kyle Jenner Spray Tan Artist Isabel Alysa

In addition to the setting powders, GlowDry also offers a collection of products to prep for your next tan including an Exfoliating Mitt, a Fake Tan Removing Bath Bomb and Flake Away Fake Tan Remover Scrub.


Shop our Flawless Glow Bundle - with everything you need for a flawless fuss -free fake tan every time!

glowdry fake tan drying powder flawless glow bundle

The entire GlowDry Collection is Australian-made and can be bought online (and shipped internationally) from GlowDryAustralia.com.au and in-store at Priceline across Australia (in the self tanning section!).

We can’t wait to help you perfect your fake tan. 

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