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July 11, 2023 4 min read

Winter is in upon us. Cold weather and days that are a little bit more gloomier,  there's honestly nothing like a little faux glow all over the skin to keep our spirits high! If you're anything like us at GlowDry, self tanning is not just for summer, its year round and embedded in our self care routine. 

Here's the ultimate guide for getting a 'sun-believable' streak free 'sun-less' tan in a typically 'sun-less' winter! 

  1. Exfoliate that dry winter skin: In winter our skin is more dry thanks to drier air, heating and hotter showers. Before applying self-tanner, it's crucial to exfoliate your skin to remove any dead skin cells. Using an exfoliating mitt focus on rough areas like elbows, knees, and ankles. Exfoliating helps create a smooth as silk canvas for applying self tan, resulting in a more even application. If you've time on your side and you have a full day before applying your self tan, you can also opt for a moisturising oil based tan remover scrub to lock in some moisture to the skin. 



 2. Moisturise dry winter skin away: Winter air tends to be drier, so it's essential to moisturise your skin before self-tanning. Pay extra attention to dry areas to prevent uneven absorption of the self-tanner. However, ensure your skin is completely dry before applying any self tanning product.

3. Avoid Drying Alcohol: It's very important to choose a self-tan product that doesn’t contain alcohol or parabens as these dry out the skin. This in turn with already dry winter skin can be a recipe for tan that breaks down faster or even worse that cracks. To avoid the tiger bread tan effect, choose GlowBronze - zero alcohol tanning foam with added hydration hero's like AloeVera, Hyaluronic Acid and Aussie BoTANicals goodness. 


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4. Tone it Back a Bit: In winter, we wanna go for a slightly lighter shade to achieve a more natural-looking tan, not just fresh back from our Euro-trip. Using GlowBronze self tanning mousse, we would recommend applying ONE coat of mousse and rinsing in 2-4 hours for a light to medium bronzed result. 


5. Nail a Target Tan: We love this tip at GlowDry, and that is.. it's perfectly ok to just self tan areas of the body that is typically shown in our winter wardrobe. Like most, we have done this before, tanning from nips up and the ankles. This is perfectly fine, tan with care, always moisturise beforehand and ensure you dry your self tanner with GlowDry to avoid any tell tale streaks. 


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6. Powder Finish like a pro: Finish your self tanner like a pro with GlowDry Tan Drying Powder to instantly dry your tan down. There's nothing worse than waiting for your tan to dry in a cold bathroom, believe us, we've been there! A powdered finish also allows you to feel dry enough to get dressed (into cosy pj's) and do what ever you need to do, whether that be laptop and work, Netflix and chill or sleep (or if you're a mum do night routine). 

glowdry fake tan drying powder australia best self tan


7. Consider Face-Specific Self Tanners: Opt for tanning drops over self tanning mousse to the face (that might also be a little drier than usual). This allows you to keep hydrated and moisturise your face with an added subtle glow. Use GlowBronze GlowDrops (fragrance and alcohol free) - add 2-4 drops to your go-to facial moisturiser, mix and apply. 

8. Maintain your Winter GlowIt's all about hydration in winter, moisturise your skin regularly to maintain the longevity of your tan. Hydrated skin holds onto the self tanning colour better and helps it fade more evenly.We recommend using a gradual tan from about day 5 or customise your fave body moisturiser by adding our GlowBronze tan drops. This will act like a gradual tan and keep you hydrated and tan lasting longer. Also hot tip: avoid long, hot showers and exfoliating too vigorously, as they can make your tan fade faster.


9. Protect your skin: Even in winter, it's essential to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Self-tanning products do not provide sun protection, so if you're spending time outside, make sure to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an appropriate SPF.

If your after the perfect winter tan - You'll love our new Glow-All-Out-Bundle


So there you have it, our ultimate guide to self tanning in winter, glow forth bronze lovers and enjoy tanning ALL year round, even in the colder months.

See our Founder run through all these tips on TikTok - let us know what we've missed! 


@glowdryaustralia Its winter here in Aus! Heres 9 tips for self tanning in winter! Which one is yoir fave? Or whats your go-to hack for self tanning hack when its a little colder?! #selftan #selftanner #tanning #selftanning #faketanfacecontour #fake #bestselftanner #howtotan #tanroutine #winter #tantips ♬ original sound - GlowDry Australia




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