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GlowDry™️ POWDER Body Brush

Introducing the GlowDry™️ Body Brush - the perfect companion for applying GlowDry! This custom made vegan brush with synthetic hairs is super super soft  makes application a breeze, so you look your bronzed best quick-fast!

And rest assured, it won't mess with your tan - this brush is so soft you can barely feel it!

GlowDry Australia Fake Tan Drying Powder | Perth WA GlowDry Australia Fake Tan Drying Powder | Perth WA

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Wooden handle, Rose Gold Ferrule, Synthetic (animal free) bristles.

✔️ Made with synthetic hairs

✔️ Vegan-Friendly

✔️ Cruelty free

Ensures a quick application of GlowDry without affecting your freshly applied tan.

Washing instructions:

1. Wet the bristles

2. Add brush cleaner (or facial cleanser if you dont have any)

3. Saturate the bristles in cleanser

4. Rinse and repeat

5. Remove access water

6. Lay flay (so no water enters that handle) and let air dry.


Great question, we get asked this a lot.

1. Spray Isopropyl Alcohol to a clean paper towel

2. Rub bristles on the paper towel multiple times.

3. Blast dry with air from spay machine hose.

Note: We recommend having multiple clean brushes handy when spraying clients back to back and applying GlowDry - this ensure that you do not cross contaminate between clients)

4. Deep clean brushes at the end of each evening - follow instructions in product 'HOW TO' section above.

Please get in touch with us if you have any more questions on this.

It's a good idea to clean your brush after every use, especially if there is a build up of self tan or GlowDry powder.

It's super easy, grab your brush, drip it into the GlowDry jar, tap off any access and brush and blend it over your freshly applied self tan or spray tan. Voila, set and dry, now get dressed babe!!!!

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