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GlowDry Fake Tan Drying Powder - Starter Kit

GlowDry's Fake Tan Drying Powder is a revolutionary multi-tasking product designed for optimal comfort and effectiveness. A pioneering Australian first formula that has become an industry icon, it is the first of its kind to prioritise user comfort during the fake tanning process.

Our innovative summer-scented 'translucent powder locks in your fake tan, mattifies the skin, eliminates stickiness, and imparts a subtle shimmer for a silky soft flawless finish. Say goodbye to stains on clothes and bedsheets, streaks where skin touches, and unwanted tanning odors.

use GlowDry's fake tan drying powder with any self tan mousse, cream, lotion, mist or spray tan. A must-have product for a fuss-free fake tan. 

Australian Made | Vegan Friendly | Cruelty-Free |Talc free | Refillable | Watch GlowDry in action 

Starter Kit includes: 1 x 30g jar (with mess-free sifter) GlowDry powder AND Powder brush. 

See our NEW LIMTED EDITION 60g jar of GlowDry 

GlowDry 's 6-in-1 Formula:
  • DRIES fake tan in a flash – so you can skip the fan & get dressed straight away!
  • ELIMINATES stickiness and icky post-tan feels – so you’ll feel comfortably dry & confident to go about your day
  • IMBUES skin with a subtle shimmer – so you’ll immediately look more radiant
  • MASKS musty fake tan odours - so nobody will know your glow is faux :)
  • REDUCES transfer – so there’ll be zero tan-trums over stained sheets & clothes
  • REDUCES streakiness – GlowDry your bendy bits (like elbow creases, under the boobs and bum) to prevent those telltale patches

Australian Made | Vegan Friendly | Cruelty-Free |Talc free |Refillable | Watch GlowDry in action

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🏆 Award Winning Sunless Beauty

Organic Starch, Organic West Australian Clay, Natural Mica Minerals, Fragrance.

  • Formulated with finely milled, super-absorbent Organic Clay and Organic Starch, our loose drying powder sets and mattifies any tan in minutes. It’s ideal for use with any spray tan or self-tan brand.
  • GlowDry also contains natural, light-reflecting mica, which gives skin a subtle shimmering glow as your tan develops. Our GlowDry babes love it!
  • GlowDry gives you silky-smooth, touch-dry skin, without feeling heavy. Super comfortable to wear, it enables you to get dressed straight after tanning and go about your day as normal – without worrying about streaks, stains or unpleasant sticky sensations.
  • Our fake tan drying powder locks your tan in place to reduce transfer. Meaning? No more crime scene sheets or stained t-shirts!
  • GlowDry’s beachy fresh scent smells glow-so-good. Plus, it also masks those musty fake tan odours.
  • With a 'TansLucent' all-over glow formula, GlowDry won’t negatively impact your tan development. Nor will it have a masking effect or leave any white marks.


AUSSIE-MADE, VEGAN FRIENDLY and CRUELTY-FREE, GlowDry is only ever tested on human babes.

Our Fake Tan Drying Powder is also TALC-FREE, PARABEN-FREE and NUT-FREE – delivering maximum glow, zero drama.

GlowDry is Proudly West Australian made and inspired by our idyllic sun-drenched beaches.

  1. Apply your favourite self-tanner or spray tan. (We recommend prepping with a thorough exfoliation and hair removal sesh 12 hours before!)
  2. Brush and blend your GlowDry powder, wherever it’s needed.
  3. Apply GlowDry all over, or spot apply to those annoying, sticky areas, such as under your boobs and bum, behind the knees, along the neck, in the elbow crease or anywhere skin-to-skin contact occurs.
  4. Get dressed, glow about your day and, after a few hours, shower as directed.


No, GlowDry powder is NOT a tan. It does not create a tan nor stain the skin like a traditional self tanner. GlowDry powder is a drying powder, very like a setting powder, it INSTANTLY sets and dries your fake tan completely ELIMINATING the drying time. GlowDry also helps to reduce stickiness (by mattifying the skin), stains (to clothes and bedsheets), smells (masks the typical fake tan pong) and streaks (where skin touches)

If your looking for a self tan - our new refillable self tan mousse is here

Yes, GlowDry powder works to set and dry ALL brands of self tanner or spray tan. GlowDry works on self tanning foams, self tanning mousses, self tanning creams, mists and spray tanning solutions.

Our new self tan mousse is 100% Alcohol free (this ingredient is in most regular self tanners as a drying agent - but also dries out the skin too) and pairs perfectly with GlowDry tan setting powder to allowing you to get dressed immediately.

Our GlowDry Starter Kit comes with a 30g jar of GlowDry powder. This jar will give you approx 7-10 FULL body applications. If you run out, this jar is refillable and we have two sizes of refills - 75 grams (refills 2.5 times) and 150 grams (refills 5 times)

Yes, Absolutely, you can use GlowDry powder on your spray tan clients. In fact, they will love the GlowDry finish and will show your clients that you really are going above and beyond for their comfort. Not only will they be comfortable that their tan is dry and stick-free, they will be more confident of less streaks and less stains to their clothes / bedsheets.

Note: Sanitise application brush after each client. End of day, ensure you deep clean each brush.

More brushes can be purchased here

Yes sure, we supply GlowDry wholesale to hundreds of salons. You might like out PRO GLOW Bundle - perfect for introducing GlowDry powder to your spray tan treatments. However if you would like to access our full range we would love to hear more about you and your business - tell us more here

Please see our current list of salons and store stockists here


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