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'The Bestie' eco-REFILL

Is your fake tan drying powder pot nearly empty? Fill up your 'keep forever' GlowDry Starter Kit and GLOW with our Bestie ECO-REFILL! Refills your Starter kit jar 5 times

Reduce your plastic packaging even further. This 150g bulk pouch contains double the amount of GlowDry than our MINI refill saving 81% less plastic each time you refill, refilling your jar 5 times, thats some serious amount of plastic saved! In addition to plastic savings, our Bestie pouch is more efficient on your hip-pocket.

GlowDry's 6-in-1 formula:
  • DRIES fake tan in a flash – so you can skip the fan & get dressed straight away!
  • ELIMINATES stickiness and icky post-tan feels – so you’ll feel comfortably dry & confident to go about your day
  • IMBUES skin with a subtle shimmer – so you’ll immediately look more radiant
  • MASKS musty fake tan odours - so nobody will know your glow is faux :)
  • REDUCES transfer – so there’ll be zero tan-trums over stained sheets & clothes
  • REDUCES streakiness – GlowDry your bendy bits (like elbow creases, under the boobs and bum) to prevent those telltale patches

Australian Made | Vegan Friendly | Cruelty-Free |Talc free |Refillable | Watch GlowDry in action

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🏆 Award Winning Sunless Beauty

Organic Starch, Organic West Australian Clay, Natural Mica Minerals, Fragrance.

GLOW GREEN with The Bestie: 

  • REDUCE LANDFILL by filling up your GlowDry with our eco-friendly refill pouches – made with 81% less plastic! 
  • SAVE ELECTRICITY – GlowDry dries your self-tan in seconds, so you won’t have to waste time (and energy) in front of your fan
  • SKIP A LOAD OF WASHING – our fake tan drying powder reduces transfer, so you won’t have to wash your sheets & clothes every time you tan

PLUS, you’ll…

Instantly DRY your fake tan, ELIMINATE stickiness, MASK funky fake tan odours and gain a gorgeous subtle SHIMMER. Simply GET DRESSED straight away – AND GLOW about your day!

Refills your original 'Starter Kit' jar 5 times. 

Australian Made | Vegan Friendly | Cruelty-Free | Talc-Free


AUSSIE-MADE, VEGAN FRIENDLY and CRUELTY-FREE, GlowDry is only ever tested on human babes.

Our Fake Tan Drying Powder is also TALC-FREE, PARABEN-FREE and NUT-FREE – delivering maximum glow, zero drama.

GlowDry is Proudly West Australian made and inspired by our idyllic sun-drenched beaches.

It's easy - Simply tear open the pouch at top (along the tear notches) and pour powder into your original Starter Kit jar. Jars with our new sifter: the sifter is removable with a gentle tug and pull up. Replace sifter and you're good to glow.

Seal pouch fully by running your fingers across the zipper and store in a cool dry place for the next time you need to refill.


This GlowDry Refill pouch is 150g and refills your original Starter Kitjar 5 times.

Yes, this larger size (150g) refill is perfect for busy salons and Spray Tan Artists. We have a MINI refill (75g) too that refills your original Starter Kit jar 2 times.

Great question. Run your fingers gently across the zipper to close the pouch securely and ensure a tight seal. Store in a cool dark place ready for the next time you need to refill.

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