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GlowDry 'PRO GLOW' Bundle

Introduce GlowDry into your tanning salon or mobile spray tan business with the ultimate bundle to get your clients GLOWING.

Provide the most Flawless, Smudge-Proof, Budge-Proof finish to your spray tan treatments, stand out from the rest and keep your bronze lovers coming back time and time again. (Save $45.95 +Free Aus wide shipping)

  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free (we only test on real babes)

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🏆 Award Winning Sunless Beauty

Organic Starch, Organic West Australian Clay, Natural Mica Minerals, Fragrance.

  • Talc-free, Vegan and Cruelty-free formula that is also Paraben-free, natural and organic formulation made in Australia
  • Clients will feel DRY quicker and not sticky with a high Higher comfort level
  • Tan is set and dry giving you and your client confidence in a smudge and budge-proof finish expecting little to no streaks
  • Avoid crease marks on inner elbows, neckline and behind the knees and ensure the tan is set in places like under the boobs, bum smile lines and skin folds
  • Clothes and sheets stay clean with less mess or transfer of guide colour
  • Spray your clients at any time of the day as clients can more confidently get dressed and go about their day
  • Attract new clients
  • Provide high-quality spray tanning service and stick out from the rest
  • Retain clients with the best possible finish and demonstrate high customer care

Salons and Spray Tan Artists providing a GlowDry finish usually adjust their pricing. You can include GlowDry in every spray tan treatment (by adjusting the overall price of the service) or up charge for the GlowDry finish. This bundle in TOTAL contains 330g of GlowDry Fake Tan Drying Powder, providing you with enough GlowDry for over 100 full body applications.

SET & DRY: GlowDry Fake Tan Drying Powder Starter Kit

1. Apply clients spray tan. (We recommend ensuring each client preps with a thorough exfoliation and hair removal sesh 12 hours before!)

2. Brush and blend (with GlowDry Body Brush) GlowDry powder, wherever it’s needed.

3. Apply GlowDry all over your client, or spot apply to those annoying, sticky areas, such as under the boobs and bum, behind the knees, along the neck, in the elbow crease or anywhere skin-to-skin contact occurs.

Your client can confidently get dressed, glow about their day and, after a few hours, shower as directed.

The Starter kit contains 30g of powder, approximately 7-10 full body applications.

TOP-UP: GlowDry 'Bestie; Eco-Refill

1. Simply open the refill pouch, refill your Starter Kit pot as needed. Seal pouch after each use, ensuring a good air tight seal by running your fingers firming along the pouch zipper.

Each 'Bestie' Eco-Refill contains 150g of GlowDry powder, approximately 40-50 full body applications.

Washing instructions for the GlowDry Body Brushes:

1. Wet the bristles

2. Add brush cleaner (or facial cleanser if you don't have any)

3. Saturate the bristles in cleanser

4. Rinse and repeat

5. Remove access water

6. Lay flay (so no water enters that handle) and let air dry.


In this Bundle:

1 x GlowDry Starter Kit(30g jar of GLowDry powder and application brush)

2 x GlowDry Application Brushes

2 x 150g 'Bestie Refill pouches

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